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Questions to wifi video doorbell WB-02

1. Does it support both Android and IOS?

Yes, it supports both Android and IOS,PC client.

2. How many people can use it?

Everyone can use it by adding it to the APP. The device default password is empty, admin user can set a password to limit visiting from other users.

3. How to set up the device?

First, download the APP. Plug the device to the power supply, you will get a hot spot from your setting. Choose APCAM****,enter the default password.

Open the APP, click ‘add device’, choose ‘video doorbell’, scan the QR code at the back of device or search it within LAN. After getting it online, click the setting on the right, choose wifi setting, choose the wifi around you, input the wifi password, the device will be connected to the wifi/internet.

4. Does it support opening your door?

     Yes, it supports opening all kinds of electronic control lock or electromagnetic lock only(see below) with a wireless signal lock controller.